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3 uses of deceased DNA testing

Deceased DNA Testing

Deceased DNA testing might sound harsh and unfair but it can be useful in many ways. A deceased DNA test is a process of obtaining the DNA sample of an already deceased individual. Using  DNA samples to carry out a DNA test. Usually, this DNA testing is used to determine paternity but the deceased DNA testing can also be used to solve cases related to inheritance, genetic disease, and ancestry.

Deceased DNA Test

  • Inheritance

    Inheritance, cases where the deceased neglected to make a will before death are not uncommon. This usually happens in the case of sudden death, but it surely creates problems and issues related to inheritance. In these cases, DNA testing can be used to prove the inheritance or relation of an individual with the deceased. This can also help with cases where many individuals claim to be the relative of the deceased. DNA testing can easily clarify the biological relationship between this individual and the deceased. It also helps to determine who has the right to inherit or share in the estate.

  • Genetic disease

    Genetic disease, family history come in very handy when looking for certain genetic diseases. Having insight into what kind of genetic disease runs in the family can help with the treatment and prevention of the disease in advance. Having a DNA test of deceased relatives can help you build the family history chart. Take preventive measures in advance.

DNA Test

  • Ancestry

    Ancestry knowing the background of your family and from where your family originated can be interesting and informational. Every family has a story of where they originated from, where they belong and what their culture was, but there is no proof to tell whether the stories are true or not. This can be solved by using DNA testing of the deceased using the DNA sample to determine the ancestry of your deceased relatives.