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Does nutrition DNA test work?

Nutrition DNA Test

Despite a few previous research stating that genetic variants help predict if someone is more likely to lose weight on a low-carbohydrate or low-fat diet, even after a growing industry based on that idea, the most rigorous study to date found no correlation in weight loss between overweight individuals on diets that “suited” their genetic makeup and those on diets that didn’t.

The studies made it less probable that genetics can explain why only some people lose weight on a low-carb diet while others succeed on a low-fat diet (even though the great majority of dieters do not keep the pounds they lose off). According to recent studies, diets, unlike cancer therapies, cannot be decided based on one’s genetic makeup.

Nutrition DNA

The researchers next looked at weight loss in patients whose DNA “matched” or clashed with the diet they were given. This was determined by the variations of three genes known as PPARG, ADRB2, and FABP2. Which are involved in activities such as fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Previous studies revealed that these mutations could predict who will lose weight successfully on whatever type of diet.

Even the results of this study were not in the favour of a genetically matched diet because no significant difference in weight change was seen between those who were matched to their diet assignment and those who were mismatched.

Nutrition DNA Test Texas

It was believed to be a great advancement to help the people who suffer from obesity but this recent study says something else. Although the nutrition DNA test might not work more studies are performed in this field so no need to lose hope.