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January 20, 2022
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January 24, 2022

What is the Grandparentage test?

Grandparentage test is a DNA test that can be used when the grandparent needs to determine or confirm their biological relationship to their grandchild. This test shows the probability that the grandparents are genetically related to their grandchild. This test works because about 25% of child DNA contains the DNA from their grandparent. Given the fact that both the parents receive half of their parent’s DNA and then the child receives half from both the parents.

Grandparentage test

There are three types of Grandparent DNA tests:

Single grandparent DNA analysis: this test is done when only one of the grandparents is available, so this test can be done with only one grandparent, it can either be a grandfather or grandmother test. In this case, including a DNA sample is required to improve the accuracy of the test result. Although the test result of grandparent and parent is conclusive there can still be the probability of an inconclusive result of the test.

Duo grandparent test- this test is done when both the grandparent are available to take the test. In this test, the mother’s sample is not required to determine a conclusive test result since the sample of both the grandparent is sufficient.

Grandparentage DNA test

Grandfather-grandson test- this test is done when the participants are grandfather and grandson because of the presence of the male Y chromosome which can be used to establish a shared paternal line.

Adding samples of known parents is suggested in the grandparentage test as this can give a good clarity of the results and can increase the conclusiveness of the test result greatly.