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January 3, 2022
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Amniocentesis DNA Test
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Reasons why taking DNA at home is not that much of a good idea as you think

DNA Test

DNA test kits are good but they come with their own set of drawbacks and here’s a list of some of them:

  • First and the most important reason- Harm to privacy, yes taking DNA test using these kits often puts your privacy in jeopardy, and it can easily give the third party access to the information regarding your physical health, financial status, etc. So put in some thoughts before you order a Home DNA test kit.
  • Accuracy- The results, of the home kit, cannot be considered accurate due to errors in the process of sample collection. So the end result of those ends up showing different results than it should.
  • People usually take this test to find more about their heritage but since most of the people who have taken this test are from Europe, so if you are somewhere outside of Europe you will end up disappointed because assessment of your heritage becomes less detailed outside of Europe.
  • DNA tests are not anonymous- you might try to hide your identity or location but your DNA is unique and can be mishandled.
  • DNA tests are all fun and games until it unravels the secrets you weren’t supposed to know. It might leave you emotionally scarred or traumatized either depending on what the results show.
  • Ok, you might think that the company policy says that they protect their customer’s privacy and your genetic information will be safe but no, companies can change their policies any time they want.
  • Your data can be used, police can access your DNA, a matter of fact your data can even get hacked. Your DNA can end up in a global database.
  • Do you think only furniture, paintings, and valuable products get sold? Wrong again, yes, your genetic information can also be sold to the highest bidder, many of these companies have signed a data-sharing contract with pharmaceutical companies.

So people interested in knowing more about their genetic makeup should consult a doctor and look for a more reliable source.