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Things you require before ordering your U.S. Immigration DNA Test

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In this blog, you will get to know about various things which you should know before ordering the immigration DNA test. It will help you in preparing yourself and avoid any costly mistakes.

Immigration DNA Testing USA

Below, there is a quick checklist of required and helpful information when ordering an Immigration DNA Test:

  • Main thing: Written request from the USCIS or US Embassy/Consulate
  • Email address where officials can send all critical forms
  • Full name of each participant (as mentioned on legal documents)
  • Date of birth for each participant
  • Contact phone number for each participant
  • Mailing address for each participant
  • Notation to know where the party is located (U.S., International, or both)

The immigration process is very complex, so it is important that you contact AABB accredited DNA testing center before any delay. The professionals will also guide you about all the particulars and set up a time and place for you to give your DNA sample for analysis.

Immigration DNA Test

Furthermore, your center will arrange the scheduling of appointments for DNA sample collection required here in the United States.

Once your immigration testing is complete, the DNA testing professionals will send official results directly to the requesting immigration office.