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Use of fetal DNA to find reasons for miscarriage

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It is important to know that more than half of miscarriages are related to genetic problems in the baby. But, there were also cases where healthy pregnancies caused a miscarriage. Many parents did not get a satisfactory reason. The one test, known as Cell-Free Fetal DNA (cffDNA), is the way which can help the parents to know the actual reason.

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Cell-free fetal DNA is a genetic material that is released by the placenta and circulates in a woman’s blood during pregnancy. So far, this type of test has not been used in the first trimester of pregnancy. However, researchers think that testing the baby’s DNA with the help of cffDNA will help parents to find out the reason behind the miscarriage.

The team of researchers collects blood samples from some women to look at the cffDNA, which can reveal if there are genetic reasons for miscarriage. Moreover, the researchers have also looked at all existing studies to understand the role of DNA in miscarriage. They found a few genetic variations which have been frequently linked to miscarriages. By identifying the genes involved in recurrent miscarriage will be valuable to help parents to know the miscarriage causes. It will also help to predict which couples have maximum chances to get a miscarriage.

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Researchers hope that their work will lead to a new blood test that will also indicate whether any particular couple is at the possibility of a miscarriage in the future.