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Use of Relationship DNA Testing For Immigration

DNA Test

You can use DNA testing in many ways and immigration is one of the ways. You can use relationship DNA testing for visa or green card applications.

How does the relationship DNA testing help?

Relationship testing helps to determine the relationship between 2 persons. Usually, experts use a buccal swab to get a DNA sample from a person.

It is an accurate method to prove a kinship between two relatives. Especially if other sorts of documents, such as a birth certificate, are difficult to get.

Relationship DNA Testing

As a result, relationship DNA testing fills that void. An agency uses this test if they believe that the present evidence is insufficient.

How do laws use relationship DNA test results?

Each country has its own immigration rules and procedures. For example-

If a member of the family is already a citizen, the state may let immediate or distant family members enter. Only if adequate documentation exists to verify the link.

Relationship testing for Immigration is a simple method to guarantee irrefutable proof. Whether the issue concerns the issuance of a visa or permanent residency DNA test can help.

Relationship DNA Test

Importance of DNA testing for immigration

The decision to move to a different country is a big and life-changing one. When proof such as a birth certificate is unavailable, it gets irritating. Especially when members of the family wish to enter to begin their lives in the new nation. But, you can fill in the blank space with Relationship testing. It allows producing proof with no hassle. This DNA testing also guarantees that no candidates can lie about their relationship.