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January 19, 2022
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What is a Y-Chromosome DNA test?

Y-chromosome DNA test

Y-Chromosome DNA test is a test that studies the line of families that s used to determine a father’s direct line of ancestry. This test can be done to check the ancestry of an individual. This is done by matching the results of two different persons. Due to the errors that come in the copying process of the DNA, the results can be matched to check whether the two individuals share a recent common ancestor or not. The more perfectly the results are the more are the chances of both individuals related in the genealogical time frame.

Y-Chromosome DNA test

The Y-Chromosome is only found in males because females have XX chromosomes, this chromosome is transmitted from father to son without many changes and thus this chromosome can be used to determine paternity and lineage.

These tests can be done by two types:

SNP DNA testing– this test uses a Single-nucleotide polymorphism which is a single nucleotide change in a DNA sequence. It is used to get a higher resolution than other DNA tests. This test also uses haplogroups. Haplogroup is a particular group of the genetically related population that shares a common ancestor.

STR marker test- in this test a certain area of DNA is used to examine the patterns that repeat themselves. The number of times it repeats itself is the value of the marker. Then the results of two individuals are compared to look for a match.

Y-Chromosome DNA testing

As the Y DNA test usually examines STR markers on the Y chromosomes there are hundreds of markers that are available. These results may also indicate any probable haplogroup, although that can only be figured out by the SNP test.