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What is a ‘mitochondrial DNA test’? 5 Reasons for taking an mtDNA test?

Although both men and women inherit mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), only biological mothers can pass it on. The mtDNA is passed down from a mother to their child almost unchanged. This phenomenon has led scientists to open a new path to find one’s maternal ancestors.

This mtDNA can be traced back to many generations to find about the maternal ancestry. The mitochondrial DNA testing can assist you in discovering and verifying your direct maternal heritage by connecting you with other people who are descended from a common matrilineal progenitor.

Mitochondrial DNA Test

Why you should consider taking an mtDNA test?

  • Know your female ancestor

Even if you don’t exactly know your paternal ancestor you always have a rough idea but very less people know their maternal ancestor with mitochondrial DNA testing, you can know your maternal roots more clearly.

  • Help you get a haplogroup

In addition to your mtDNA profile, which assists you in forging social connections with others. Obtaining mitochondrial DNA testing provides you with a haplogroup or a deep ancestral group. There are various haplogroups for various world locations and populations. Knowing your haplogroup can sometimes assist validate or disproving a family myth regarding an ancestor’s heritage.

  • The mysterious ancestor

If all the information you have about your ancestor is them being a human then you should give mtDNA a try. The mitochondrial DNA testing is capable of tracing back the ancestors for quite a large number of an ancestor.

  • Record the maternal line

Having mtDNA can help you create a record of your maternal line. It is an important part of the documentation.

  • The only way after an autosomal DNA test, to find maternal ancestors

As we know one can find their paternal ancestor from the Y DNA test or autosomal DNA test mtDNA test is the only way to find the maternal line of an individual.

mtDNA Test

How to get this test done?

You can find the local DNA testing lab by simply searching for it on the search engine for example “Mitochondrial DNA testing Texas” or “Mitochondrial DNA testing”, it’s as simple as that after that all you have to do is find the company of your choice and take the test.