Are You An Autosomal Dominant Carrier?
May 28, 2022
June 8, 2022
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Why do you need to check your DNA test results?

DNA results

Your DNA test isn’t meant to be a one-time event. Whatever companies you choose to take the test with, you will most likely have much more to discover as time goes on. Not the first ones you see when you open them!

When you log back in, what else should you look for?

There are 2 major points you should look out for:

Emails from DNA matches

Whenever a DNA match contacts you, you would like to know about that ASAP! Connecting with DNA matches is a high priority for many people. We like to find out what our matches understand about our lineage. Relatives might have family stories, pictures, or family history information that we don’t. Some individuals also experience reuniting with long-lost family members.

Various DNA testing companies use various methods and settings to communicate with your DNA matches. Make sure your settings are set up so that you receive an immediate notification of these communications whenever possible. You don’t want these contacts to become obsolete.

DNA Test

Ethnicity results

You ought to be aware that your estimates of ethnic background will change with time.

That might sound strange? After all, your forefathers’ hometowns have not yet changed! Your ethnicity assessments will, but, change. This is because more individuals from different places are taking DNA tests over time. This provides extra data to our companies, prompting them to keep updating the routes they appoint ethnicity estimates on a regular basis. This implies that ethnicity findings change with time and become more precise and accurate.