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Screening for Lynch Syndrome

Screening for Lynch Syndrome

Each day, around 400 people in the US are diagnosed with colored talent cancer and approx 12 of them are caused by Lynch Syndrome. It is a hereditary condition that increases the chances of getting colorectal cancer syndrome and other cancers. It is the most common type of hereditary type colorectal and endometrial cancer and can also lead to more risks of pancreatic, ovarian, and other types of cancers.

LS can occur in both men and women of all ethnic groups that’s why early identification of this disease is necessary.

Lynch Syndrome

What are the plus points of early diagnosis?

Enhance cancer prevention and screening

The diagnosis is cost-effective

It can help to prevent cancer

It can help with the early detection of the disease

How is the screening done?

Lynch Syndrome screening is done by analyzing tissue from a person with colorectal cancer to determine specific pathologic features. If the screening result points to Lynch Syndrome the person affected by it is offered genetic counseling and other additional tests.

What causes Lynch Syndrome?

Genetic mutation is what causes this disease and people are genetically close. Who are first-degree relatives of the patient who have a 50% chance of carrying this disease?

And the relatives who don’t have this gene mutation have an equal risk of colorectal cancer as the general population.

What is cascade testing?

The genetic testing done on family members genetically related to the person with Lynch Syndrome is called “cascade testing.”