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June 20, 2022
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NGS DNA Test and its Pros and Cons

NGS or Next Generation Sequencing is a new DNA and RNA sequencing technology that helps in mutation detection. This technique consists of a combination of different sequencing chemistries. This combination enables parallel sequencing of varying lengths of DNA or RNA sequences, or even the entire genome, in a short time. Following Sanger sequencing, it is a revolutionary sequencing technology. NGS DNA Testing sequencing entails several major steps. For example, fragmenting of DNA, bioinformatics analysis, and mutation analysis and interpretation.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Next-Generation Sequencing vs. Individual Molecular Tests

When compared to testing for multiple markers, next-generation sequencing has advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of NGS:

It enables the testing of many genes at the same time, saving time, money, and tissue if it requires many markers.

It can provide results not only for the specific mutations required, but can also identify new markers. This can give doctors an extra option for treatment.

A larger set of markers may aid researchers in identifying patterns of patient responses, accelerating research.

Disadvantages of NGS:

Individual tests take a week or less to complete, while group tests take 2 to 3 weeks.

Several results could be difficult to interpret. Which can lead to medical decisions that may be harmful to patients.


Who Should Have NGS DNA Testing Done?

It is critical to inquire first before testing whether the results will affect your care. If the answer is no, performing the test is unnecessary. Especially if it incurs huge costs and consumes limited biopsy tissue. Next-generation sequencing is best suited for patients with cancer. Patients who have several identification molecular targets. For other cancers,  Next-Generation Sequencing DNA Testing has the potential to identify a mutation. This includes establishing treatment options, but the chances are slim.

NGS DNA testing is an abbreviation for Next-Generation Sequencing. This test uses a cutting-edge genetic tool for evaluating many places within your DNA.