Ancestry DNA Tests With A Sibling DNA Test? Is It Possible?
June 24, 2022

There are several reasons why a person might need DNA testing, ranging from paternity to forensic DNA testing. But immigration DNA paternity tests are becoming more common. Immigration DNA testing is a hot topic nowadays because it is beneficial for various reasons. For example, if you want to reunite with your family, you might need DNA test results to enter the United States.

Yet, the advantages of this testing do not end there. We’ve provided a few examples of how immigration DNA paternity tests can be beneficial.

Immigration DNA

Immigration and Citizenship Services in the United States

USICS is a division of the Homeland Security Department. They are in charge of national security also. As you might expect, the processing of immigrant visas is time-consuming. It needs a great deal of attention to detail. Relationship DNA testing from an accredited AABB laboratory is necessary to get approval from USCIS.

Visa applications for immigrants

Visa applications, which you send to immigration offices, are similar. DNA testing is widespread because it is the best and most reliable way to determine the biological relationship between two people. An immediate family member and close relatives are also required to get an immigration visa. Even if they are permanent and lawful citizens of the United States.

Births in other countries

If you are a US citizen and give birth outside of the country, you must document it as soon as possible. Following that, a consular creates a report of birth abroad. This report documents and asserts the child’s right to US citizenship. You might need Paternity DNA testing if the consular uncovers insufficient evidence of a genetic relationship.

Immigration DNA test

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