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March 9, 2022
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4 Positive Benefits of Having your Genome Sequenced

Since your DNA holds the information of all the things happening in your body. Getting it in sequence can open up a broad range of helpful information. Although everyone has their reason to get a DNA test this list might help you find your reason to get it done.

Benefits of Genome Sequenced

DNA Test

Medical interaction

Genetic testing can provide your health care provider with crucial information on how your body metabolizes with certain medications. Knowing this part can save you. The guess trials doctors use to see how a particular medication reacts in your body.

Preventive measure

Many harmful mutations can occur in anyone’s genome. One example of this mutation is the mutation in the e4 gene. Which increases the risk of getting Alzheimer’s 2 to 3 times. With early detection, people can opt for various changes in lifestyle and diet to reduce the risk.

Carrier genes

Carrier genes are passed through the DNA from parent to their child. But the number of people who are unaware of them being a carrier is high. Because they are generally non-symptomatic carriers. Which means they don’t show any signs of disease physically. That’s why knowing what kind of genes you are going to pass down to your kids is important.

Support research

You might be carrying some golden genes which have resistance against a certain disease. Scientists can use this gene to create a cure are have progress in finding the cure for the disease. If everything works out, you might be able to save the lives of a lot of people just by getting your genome sequenced.