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Discreet New York DNA Testing For Paternity

New York DNA Testing

New York DNA testing for paternity is the most reliable way to determine genetic relations between two individuals. It is a non-invasive test which means you can use easily available samples to take a paternity test discreetly. But the question is “is a discreet paternity test legal?”

Well to answer that question yes it is legal as long as you have the consent of the person taking the test. If the person is above 16 years old you need their direct consent but if they are below 16 years old you need the consent of their parents.

Once you have the consent you can use different methods for sample collection. For example regular toothbrushes, nail clippings, or buccal cheek swabs.

Paternity test

Although a cheek swab is an ideal sample for accurate paternity test nail clippings also work. Scientists use the nail clippings and try to find any kind of DNA sample they can for the paternity test.

It’s the same case with a toothbrush it is also a good reliable source for a DNA test. Both the nail clippings and toothbrushes are excellent methods for a discreet paternity DNA test.

How to find the sample?

Nail clippings/toothbrushes– both of these samples are easy to find. You can find the nail clippings in the trashcan. And you can replace the regular toothbrush with a new one and send it to us for DNA testing.

Cheek swab– once you order a home DNA test kit you will find the sample collection kit in it with instructions on how to take the sample. It is very simple. All you have to do is take the cotton swab, rub it on the insides of your cheek and send it back to us.

Cheek Swab

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the discreet test is only for peace of mind and is not admissible in court.

You can find the best New York DNA testing on our website along with other options available on our site. You can also opt for a legal paternity test which will be admissible in the court and can help you get child custody or child support.