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January 18, 2022
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January 20, 2022

CVS knew as Chorionic villus sampling is a prenatal test. In this test, a sample of chorionic villi is obtained from the placenta by injecting a thin needle through the cervix. The chorionic villi are small finger-like projections of placental tissue that contain the baby’s DNA. This test can be carried out by 10 weeks of pregnancy.

CVS Test

A chorionic villus sampling test is done to determine many factors related to the unborn child. They are helpful in telling whether the child is going to develop or already have any kind of genetic disorder like Down syndrome, trisomy, cystic fibrosis, etc. It can also help to determine the paternity of a father to the child. It can be done for various reasons too like to obtain child custody or child support etc.

Who should consider getting a CVS test?

One should consider this test if the previous prenatal tests showed worrisome results like any kind of genetic defect.

If the previous pregnancy had genetic disorder-related issues or the baby born had any kind of inherited disease that you didn’t know about. These cases should consider a CVS test because signs of such issues in a previous pregnancy may indicate that you might have problems in this pregnancy too.


If you are 35 or above. Since after a certain age the quality of the egg produced by any female starts decreasing you must get your baby checked if you have a pregnancy at the age of 35 or above. Since in these cases the risk of the child acquiring a genetic defect can increase.