Prenatal cell-free DNA screening
Prenatal cell-free DNA screening
January 13, 2022
CVS DNA testing
CVS DNA Testing
January 19, 2022
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DNA Blood Test- A New Option For Prenatal Screening.

DNA Blood Testing

When pursuing success one needs to push their needs aside and focus on that one field entirely and this might work well in the case of men but when it comes to women we need to think about every single possibility and outcome before taking any step forward.

Men can settle down and start a family whenever they want but women have this biological clock ticking over their heads which keeps on reminding them that you must settle down or it will be too late to start a family of your own, cause along with age comes complications in pregnancy.

DNA Blood Test

If you are 35 or above you already have many factors that you might need to fight against such as the increased risk of miscarriage. In this case, getting a genetic test to determine the risk of your child having any kind of genetic disorder is important.

And since pregnancy above the age of 35 is already difficult an invasive DNA testing might cause more harm than good.

Prenatal Screening

In such cases, a non-invasive blood DNA test is the best option there might come because the amount of information that we can get from a blood sample is increasing day by day. It is able to detect the major type of genetic defects like down syndrome without causing any harm to the mother or child as it uses the fragments of DNA found in the bloodstream of the mother to carry out all these tests.